The rise of the freelancer supergroup

I'm quite new to freelancing, but I'm not alone.

A report from The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) showed that:

  • There were 2 million freelancers in the UK in 2016
  • Between 2008 and 2016 the number of freelancers in the UK increased by 43%
  • Freelancers contributed £119 billion to the UK economy in 2016
  • 1 in 7 of all freelancers are working mums (302,000)

My guess is that things have grown massively since then too.

Just look at the incredible growth of co-working spaces for further proof.

Supergroups are taking things to the next level

Freelancer supergroups are one of the progressions coming from this huge growth.

Successful freelancers are often not just specialists in a trade (e.g. SEO, copywriting, conversion optimisation), but also in a specific industry (travel, finance, dog grooming, etc.).

By teaming up with symbiotic partners, they're able to offer a complete package to clients, as well as pool their efforts towards recruiting new, highly qualified clients.

Offering the complete package

It's easy to see how this would work well.

Using the example of a dog groomer... after a lot of trial and error, if I finally find an SEO freelancer that's up for the job of getting my dirty pup business into the Google rankings, then I'll probably go to them for a referral when I want a photographer, or copywriter, or any other freelance service I require.

Recruiting qualified clients

Finding new clients isn't really that difficult for most freelancers. The tough bit is finding good ones.

Freelancers want clients who will be a good fit, benefit from their experience, and pay their bills. And you would be hard-pressed to find a more qualified client than one who's already benefiting from (and paying for) a symbiotic service.

Looking to start a supergroup?

Get out there and start networking. In person ideally, and online too (Twitter, Facebook Groups, online forums, etc.).

You'll want to think about who your ideal client might already be working with. For me, as a conversion specialist, there are lots of services my clients are already paying for when they approach me (e.g. SEO, professional design, paid ads management).

I would love to include some great examples of freelancer supergroups if anyone has any?