Morning routine. Sanity saved.

I’m not new to this.

I’m 33. I started a web design business at 14. Just over two years ago I became a single foster carer to 3 kids.

A never-ending to-do list isn’t new. It’s life.

The painful truth? Staying on top of everything is impossible. I accept that.

This post is partly my wider thoughts on why morning routines save lives (or, save sanity at least), and partly a quick, practical and actionable guide to how you can use my ideas.

The principles that help me stay sane.

  1. Being ‘productive’ is pointless. Aim to be free. To have free time. To spend your time on the things you love, and with the people you love.

  2. Wake up early. This isn’t for everyone. For me, staying up late means wasted time.

  3. Success is tiny things, repeated. Ideas are great. Execution is everything. Show up.

  4. Plan ahead. The best morning routine starts the evening before.

  5. Eat well, sleep well. Do those 2 things, in that order, and everything else because so much easier.

My morning to-dos are also based on my principles.

What kind of person do I want to be?

  • Clearing all my messages means I’m reliable and in control.

  • Journalling keeps me grateful, and focusses my mind on what’s good.

  • Prepping breakfast and my NutriBullet helps me eat well, stay healthy and manage my energy levels.

  • I want to use social media to my advantage. That partly means using it consciously. When I limit my usage to the early morning, I get so much more from it (and lots more done during the day).

Importantly, some to-dos are based on what can reduce my pain.

What can I stay on top of now to avoid bigger problems later?

  • Sorting the recycling keeps the house tidy, and makes it easier to cook/clean.

  • Putting the washing machine on each morning reduces the need for a day of washing (it still happens… but less often).

  • Daily financial check-ins keep me in control of my finances.

So why do the best morning routines start the evening before?

Make your own life easier. Loading the dishwasher before bed means you wake up to clean dishes. Making a plan for the next day makes it much more likely you’ll make the most of your time. Filling up your water bottles and sticking one next to your bed means you can start the day with plenty of water, and you reduce the barriers to drinking plenty throughout the day.

Here’s what you should do.

  1. Think about your principles. What kind of person do you want to be? Your morning routine should be based on that.

  2. Think about your pain-points. What could spend a couple of minutes on each morning that would significantly reduce problems in future. Build those into your routine too.

  3. Make mornings as easy as possible. ‘You in the evening’ can do things that make things easier for ‘you in the morning’.

Gareth K Thomas