Email #003: How does your writing make people feel?

Here's the links from my email that went out on Thursday, April 12th, 2018.

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#1 Ten universal writing rules from The Onion’s founding editor.

“The writer’s job is to manipulate the reader’s emotions, to push their buttons — and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re never going to succeed, whether you’re writing satire or anything else.”

One of the articles I'll be coming back to, and sending to friends. Don't just think about who you're writing for. Think about how you want to make them feel.


#2 It’s indifference, not alienation, that brands should be worried about.

"Perhaps the most worrying statistic is that 90% of advertising goes unnoticed and a recent study by Ogilvy found that 77% of brands could disappear tomorrow and most wouldn’t be missed."

When Nike recently launched their 'Nothing beats a Londoner' campaign, many suggested it would 'alienate' those outside London. As this article discusses, alienation is not what brands should be worrying about.

**Might be hard to find the Nike ad now, as it was pulled last month. 😕


#3 How to make amazing marketing reports & dashboards.

"Bad reporting means people either focus on the wrong goals, or they pick the right goals, but choose the wrong way to measure them."

Whether you are reading the reports, or creating them, getting this right is really important. Great reporting provides real value.


A few extras...

Gareth K Thomas