Email #001: Giant list of power words, Uppercuts, + more

Here's the links from my email that went out on Thursday, March 29th, 2018.

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#1 The Giant List of Power & Trigger Words for Sales

"Wouldn’t it be cool to have a giant list of trigger & power words to jog your brain when writing copy? Wait….someone already made one and it’s posted right below here?? Cool!"

A great reference list from the awesome Nev Medhora. If you're interested in copywriting, you have to take a look at his site. It's packed full of great resources.


#2 Steal My Secrets: How I Do “Uppercuts”

"Uppercuts are my most popular productized service.

They’re custom-written improvements to existing landing or sales pages that need some love — both on the overall optimization side (think structure, layout, and design) and on the copy side (think tone, messaging, and personality)."

The way this page is written is a masterclass in writing on it's own. And any advice that features "include GIFs" is advice I'm all over.


#3 How We Increased Engagement on Our Free Trial Emails by 16.5% (Case Study)

"You know better than anyone that free trial users are some of the best leads you can get. They’ve already decided to try your product, maybe over a competitor, so if you’re not converting them, you’re in trouble."

Follow this step-by-step process of how one company reworked our entire free trial email sequence. 


A few extras...

Gareth K Thomas