Interested in CRO? Here's who you should follow on Twitter

As someone who's relatively new to the conversion rate optimisation world, I'm always on the lookout for any way that I can learn more. I've been a fan of Twitter since I joined in 2008, and so naturally I was keen to find a list of all those I should be following in the CRO industry.

Here's the list I've come up with.

My list isn't based on follower numbers. And I'm not overly bothered about awards, certificates, and other traditional marks of people at the top of their industry. I'm interested in people sharing great content, fantastic insight, and those wanting to improve the community they operate in.

1. Craig Sullivan, @OptimiseOrDie

London-based Craig Sullivan has a load of experience (check out his LinkedIn).  For the past 5 years he's been the Optimiser in Chief at Optimal Visit.

2. Peep Laja, @peeplaja

Peep is the founder of ConversionXL, the popular conversion optimisation blog and home to ConversionXL Institute, which sets the standard for training in optimisation, analytics and data-driven marketing.

3. Paul Rouke, @paulrouke

Paul's the Founder & CEO at Manchester-based optimisation agency, PRWD. He's an international keynote speaker, and is the author of 'The Growth Strategy That's Being Ignored'.

4. David Hoos, @davidhoos

David works at The Good, a conversion optimisation agency based in Portland, Oregon. He tweets on e-commerce, CRO and UX. And he's been published on numerous popular blogs.

5. Ton Wesseling, @tonw

Based in the Netherlands, Ton has 15+ years of experience in online marketing optimisation. 

6. Joel K, @JoelKlettke

Joel does CRO strategy and copywriting, mostly for business to business, and software companies. He's the owner of Business Casual Copywriting.

7., @guido

Applied Cognitive Psychologist, and the Global CRO Lead over at recruitment agency Randstad.

8. Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller

Angie tweets about CRO, SEO, content and UX. She's a growth marketing advisor and keynote speaker, and a Forbes Top-Rated Online Marketer.

9. Talia Wolf, @TaliaGw

Talia is a conversion optimization specialist, trainer & speaker. Some fantastic retweets of great content I probably would have missed, and plenty of tweets that make me chuckle.

10. Oli Gardner, @oligardner

Oli is the co-founder of Unbounce, the conversion/landing page software. He's "perpetually pissed off about shitty marketing" and can often be found speaking at top events around the world.

11. Brian Massey, @bmassey

Brian is the founder of Conversion Sciences, and the author of Your Customer Creation Equation.

12. Roger Dooley, @rogerdooley

Roger is an author, speaker, and writes at about "Brainy Marketing" at Forbes. He also runs a fantastic blog, and a podcast that you should subscribe to now!

I hope you find this useful. I'm keen to keep this list updated, so if there's anyone I'm missing please tweet me to let me know.

Gareth K Thomas