Conversion blogs you should be following in 2018

New blogs are always difficult to start.

You're basically writing for nobody. But we all have to start somewhere.

And what better way to start than a blog post listing all the best blog posts for the world of conversion optimisation. Enjoy!

The CXL Blog

Self-described as "the leading source for optimization, growth and digital analytics expertise", this seems like a logical place to start. Recent articles include:

  • 5 Critical Factors for Optimizing Luxury Ecommerce Sites
  • How People Read Short Articles [Original Research]
  • Beyond “One Size Fits All” A/B Tests

Conversion Rate Experts

OK, so they don't call it a blog. But I'm definitely including this one.

Their updates, although not that regular, are packed full of great tips, advice, and more. Here are a few of their posts worth checking out:

  • How to optimize your profile photo - and other great resources we discovered recently
  • 96 ideas for optimizing your pricing, deals, and offers (Part One) [and, of course, the inevitable part two]
  • Why it’s bad advice to “describe benefits, not features”

The Landing Page and Conversion Optimization Blog from Unbounce

Some self-promotional stuff, as you would expect, but very solid overall. And Unbounce co-founder (Oli Gardner) is a bit of an industry legend. Recent articles...

  • No-Touch CRO: 11 Ways to Optimize Your Website Without Touching Your Website
  • 5 Legitimately Cool Use Cases for Website Popups You’ve Never Considered (Includes Augmented Reality)
  • Changing On-Page Behavior with Sticky Navigation and Data-Driven Design

The VWO Blog

Another one from a software provider that's definitely worth a look. Here are a few recent posts:

  • How New Year Resolutions Can Help You Optimize Your Life
  • The Art of Being Stupid – Why Testing Matters More Than Everything Else
  • Conversion Rate Audit: The First Step Of The CRO Process [I've referred back to this one a few times already]

WiderFunnel Blog

Another agency blog. But another fab one. About one post per month, but they keep the quality high. Here's some from the last few months:

  • A tactical guide to creating emotional connections with your customers
  • How to create emotionally relevant marketing experiences for your shoppers
  • How to use pricing psychology to motivate your shoppers

Optimizely Blog

And... finally. The Optimizely Blog is definitely not to be missed. Lots of posts, including quite a few case studies. Some recent posts include:

  • To Move Faster, Experiment More
  • A/B Testing SMS with Optimizely
  • Embracing a Testing Culture Blog

Lots of regular updates on this blog from this A/B testing software provider. Some recent posts:

  • [WEBINAR] Neuromarketing: the Subconscious Forces that Make Your Audience Convert
  • Agency or Client: Who Should Choose the Testing Tools?
  • How to Apply A/B Testing to Social Media: Your Go-to Guide

Thanks to CEO, Dennis, for the shout-out on Twitter for this one.

Any that I've missed?

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