A website about camping, a start-up at 21, and waking up one morning as a parent of three kids.

This isn't your typical 'About me' page. It's not the usual 'how I got started' story.


“I've worked closely with Gareth for around 18 months now and I can't recommend him highly enough. Hugely experienced individual.”

Mark Boyd / Transparent Digital


Age 14, I started my first business.

Warehouse Media was a web design and development business. A proper business, with real clients. That I ran from my bedroom in the attic of my parents house.

I built websites for other people. And, in between clients, I started to build a few of my own.

The Camping Warehouse.

One website gained a bit of interest. A website about camping, caravanning, and the outdoors.

It also gained traffic. I grew the site, won a couple of awards, and grew the site some more.

Working with the big boys.

That website led to me working with the two largest players in the industry. It was an incredible experience. I'm pretty sure I was the only kid on my school bus with a company mobile phone.

In 2007, age 21, I started Reserve Apartments.

I spent 10 years building the business I co-founded into the largest holiday apartment agency in Scotland. Today, we manage the marketing for hundreds of apartments, handling millions of pounds in bookings each year.

Then one morning, I woke up a parent to 3 kids.

I watched the London 2012 Olympics, like every other person in the UK.

In particular, the story of the volunteers captured my interest. I began volunteering with children. It set me on a path. Although I didn't know it at the time, it would lead to a day in early 2017 where I would become a foster parent to three incredible, amazing, gorgeous children.

And now, Clarified.

Through the work I did at my web design agency, and at my holiday rental business, I grew a reputation. I think differently. I solve problems. I come up with creative solutions.

Clarified allows me to bring those skills to you.


“Gareth will research a given topic thoroughly and establish clear goals and a practical plan to achieve the necessary results.”

Colin Guthrie / Tribalogic


This is how I can help you.

When I started Warehouse Media, I taught myself to design and build websites.

As the sites I built grew, I learned the principles of marketing, search engine optimisation, content management systems, and more.

With Reserve Apartments, paid marketing (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, re-targeting, etc.) was an essential part of our business. So I put in the time and effort to get good at it.

I have a deep understanding of branding + marketing, because I studied it, and used it, to build my own businesses.

As the business grew, we hired experts to manage some aspects of the business for us.

We worked with some incredibly talented experts. My understanding of how everything works, and fits together, allowed me to work brilliantly with these professionals.

I bring all this understanding, expertise and experience with me to each project I work on, and each business I work with.

What's next? Find out about what I do.