I am not your customer.

Your website has a job to do.

Getting you sales, bookings, appointments, leads, enquiries, subscribers, downloads.

I’ll make sure your website is doing it’s job. I’ll focus on your conversion rate, carry out usability testing, help you understand your customer’s behaviour, and help you gather the right feedback (+ more).

Aside from being one of the most kind hearted people I have ever met, Gareth is a results driven, no nonsense, kind of a guy.

Ross Tavendale,
Type A Media

Gareth’s experience and approach, to what could be seen as the complex world of Conversion Rate Optimisation, is first class.

Russell O'Sullivan,
Digital Thrive

Gareth’s work is as delightful as he is. The clarity with which he is able to present the results of a complex process is demonstrative of his expertise and a commitment to providing immediate value. I am confident that Gareth has a lot to offer to almost any organisation.

Saul Johnstone,
11:FiftyNine Marketing

Gareth has been a pleasure to work with from the start. He has brought invaluable experience, both in terms of optimisation and running a similar digital business.

Catherine Parsons,

I’ve worked closely with Gareth for around 18 months now and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Hugely experienced individual.

Mark Boyd,
Transparent Digital


Who is Gareth K Thomas?

As a kid, I designed and printed a magazine. I sold copies to my family and friends for 20p. Then, when I was 14, I started a web design company from my bedroom.

At 21, I co-founded a new business. We spent 10 years building it into the largest holiday apartment agency in Scotland. Then one day in 2017, I left. And I became a foster carer.

Overnight, I went from being a single guy with a dog, to a single guy with 3 kids (and a dog).

Here's my story.